How to get from copenhagen airport to the city center

From copenhagen airport to city center in 20 minutes!

When arriving at Copenhagen airport, it is very easy to get to the city center in a very short amount of time. The metro train has a line directly from the airport (terminal 3) and into the city. It takes no longer than 20 minutes and you will be standing right in the bustling center of the city.

Along the way there are many places to get off and explore. We have listet below the stations we recommend you jump off and go explore: 


This Den blå planetis where you will find ‘Den blå planet’ (The blue planet), it is the northern europe’s largest aquarium.

You will find National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet at this address: Jacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup. The Blue Planet is located 600 metres from the Metro station. Get off the Metro at Kastrup Station and walk down Alleen in an eastern direction until you reach National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet. The Metro line is the M2 and it runs every few minutes.


Amager strand:

Amager strandpark

If the sun is out, take some time at the beach! You can easily walk a few minutes from the metro station to the beach. The beach “amager strand” offers a of activities, for example windsurfing. Along the beach there is multiple shops where you can buy icecreams and cold drinks.





This is a district east of the inner city of Copenhagen. The area is a charming part of the city where you will find a harbour that you can stroll down as you enjoy a “gammeldags is” (icecream cone) or a piece of danish from the popular bakery “lagkagehuset” which is located right across the street when you get off the metro train.

Freetown Christiania

Christanshavn is also where you will find the famous attraction ” Freetown Christiania”. Christiania is the home for a little part of the population in copenhagen who live there i an alternative way. Christiania is also a place to go for eating, concerts or relaxing at the lake. The Freetown of Christiania is much debated because of the locals illegal use of hash. Which also have been causing political rebellions. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to take pictures inside the freetown christiania.

You will find Christiania at Prinsessegade.


Kongens Nytorv:

One of copenhagens biggest attractions is Nyhavn (New harbour). The harbour with the long street of different colored houses. Along the harbour in the colored houses you will find restaurants and bars. It is the perfect location to grab some lunch, a beer or an icecream. You can also go on a canal tour around the city from here.

When you get off the metro train the new harbour will be at your right side, only a few minutes walk.

If you are in a shopping mode, you will find the big department store ‘magasin’ on your left hand and if you go around the department store you will enter the shopping street ‘strøget’ which is the main shopping area in copenhagen.



From Nørreport station there is a 2 minutes walk to “Torvehallerne”, this is a charming farmers market which everything from the modern culinary world. You will find high quality foods and products here.

If you are into greeneries and beautiful surroundings Nørreport station i also just 5 minutes away from The botanical garden. Theres free entrance to the botanical garden. Take a nice stroll through the park and enjoy the nature in the city.

If you wanna go see the lakes of copenhagen, Nørreport is also the station to of from. You’ll have a 10 minutes walk until you reach the lakes. Take a walk around them, look at the swans, take a boatride in the famous swanboats, that is driven by foot – you cycle them. If you’re hungry, go to a street nearby called “Ravnsborggade” that is filled with delicious reataurants or just enjoy one of the many cafes alongside the lakes.



copenhagen airport to city

Get your hands free to go discover all of these areas of the city. Leave your luggage with us when you arrive at copenhagen airport – we will make sure to transport it to your hotel, appartment or cruiseship so it’s ready for you when you check-in.




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