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About Us

The idea behind Airluggage

Airluggage is a privately held family business and was founded in 2015 in Copenhagen by Leif Friborg & Niclas Persson.

The idea behind the company, came from a private vacation in 2015. As always we had to check out early in the morning. Unfortunalety, our flight was in the evening and we wanted to discover more of the city.
There was no place to leave the luggage, which kept us from experiencing more on departure day. What a waste of hours at the end of the vacation.  Therefore we wanted to make a more convenient solution for travelers.

We strive to offer all customers the best arrival and departure day as possible!

Our Vision

More freedom and more time!

We want to make your arrival and departure day much more flexible and easy.
Walking around with your luggage often keeps you away from experiencing.
By picking up your luggage from your hotel, Airbnb apartment or cruise ship, we help you get more time and freedom to experience the city. You dont have to stay close or go back to your hotel to collect your luggage. If you stay in a Airbnb apartment, you dont have to worry about finding a storage somewhere in the city. As a cruise guest, the harbor can be a stressing place with thousands of bags leaving the ship – let us handle it and make your day more convenient.

Airluggage also allows you to use public transportation to the airport without carrying heavy bags.

We keep your luggage safe in our staffed safe storage in the middle of Copenhagen airport – right next to the check in counters.

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