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Luggage transport to and from Hotels, Apartments & Cruise-ships

We are located in the middle of Copenhagen Airport


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Could not have asked for a more perfect experience. Our luggage was picked up on time from the cruise port and delivered to the airport”

– @Cymantha Hess

Airluggage Booking

How it works

Insurance included and covers up to 12.500 DKK.

Luggage will be name-tagged and tracked in our Track N’ trace system.
All luggage transfers are done by background and security checked staff.
If you choose a cruise-ship as destination, your luggage will be checked in to your cabin.

“Best value service in Copenhagen” Willie Cowie, customer from UK.

Premium luggage check-in at cruise ships. Luggage will be ready at your cabin.

Why waste time looking for luggage storage in Copenhagen?
Get your luggage transported to and from your location in Copenhagen. Spend your time in the best way. All bags are name tagged in our track n’ trace system.

We want to create a whole new way of travelling as a hotel, apartment and Cruise Guest.
It has to be a “must have” to have your luggage transported directly to and from the airport.

This allows you to experience much more without the hassle with your luggage.
You can do whatever you like, since you don’t have to carry your heavy luggage around or go back to your hotel and collect your luggage. When you stay in a rented apartment, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store your luggage.
This saves you a lot of time and money.

We help travelers from all over the world every single day.

Luggage check-in at cruise ship
Get more time for sightseeing
Get more time for shopping
Get extra hours in Copenhagen
Track your bags
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