“What is Airluggage?”

Airluggage is Copenhagen’s on demand luggage transfer service.
We offer a first class customer service. We transport your luggage securely from your hotel, apartment or cruise ship in Copenhagen to our safe storage at Copenhagen Airport/Terminal 2 – right next to the Check-In counters. Want to see our 5 star reviews? Go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/Airluggage/reviews/

“Why use Airluggage?”

Spend an enjoyable and hassle free day without the burden of bags.
Go out and have fun and spend quality time in Copenhagen.
We take care of your luggage – and collect it at your location.
Safe storage in the middle of Copenhagen airport.
Personal service in all opening hours.
Avoid using public transportation with all your bags.

“Airbnb service”

Our service are available for travelers staying in private rented places. We collect your luggage at your address in Copenhagen. Our staff will meet you in person and collect the luggage – then you are free without your luggage.
We will contact you 15 minutes before we arrive at your location.
All bags will be name tagged and tracked in our track N’ trace system. from where you receive messages when your luggage has arrived in the Airport. Book at: Book/Airbnb luggage
See our customer-reviews at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Airluggage/reviews/

“Cruise service”

We collect your luggage outside your cruise terminal. We will know which Terminal you arrive at, as we are co-operating with “Cruise Copenhagen”. We can transport your luggage to Copenhagen Airport, to your hotel or other location.
We can also transport your luggage from the airport or your hotel to your Cruise ship. Please contact us if this is needed.
All bags will be name tagged and tracked in our track N’ trace system. from where you receive messages, when your luggage has arrived in the Airport or at your hotel.
Book at: Book/Cruise luggage
See our customer-reviews at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Airluggage/reviews/

“Will my luggage be safe with Airluggage”

You can easily use Airluggage. Your luggage will be transported in our car, which is closed and staffed at all time. You will receive a notification on your phone, when your luggage is picked up and again when it arrives at Copenhagen Airport. This is sent from Airluggage GPS & security system. You collect your luggage in our safe-storage in the middle of the airport, which is staffed in all opening hours. All your bags will be insured up to 12.500 dkk. by Airluggage.

“Where do I leave my luggage before Airluggage arrives?”

You can leave your luggage at your hotel front desk. All available hotels in our booking-site offers our service. Remember to put a name-tag on each of your bags, so that Airluggage can keep track of them. Just ask for one at your hotels front desk. If you stay in a rented place or travel by cruise-ship, we will meet you in front of your location/Cruise-terminal and collect your luggage.

“Where is Airluggage located in Copenhagen Airport?”

Airluggage are located in the middle of Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 2. This is where the biggest part of travelers in the airport travels from. We are located opposite the Easyjet check in – Desk number 146-152. Look for Airluggage on 1st floor, above the ticket office.

“How do I pay for your service?”

You pay in the airport, when you pick up your luggage.
You can pay by creditcard or cash. We accept cash in Danish Kroner, Euro and US dollars.

  • Creditcards accepted:
    Visa Electron

“Do I have to do anything when I pick up my luggage in Terminal 2?”

According to all airline restrictions, we need to see your ID.

“How can I be sure that Airluggage picks up my luggage?”

You will receive a booking-confirmation on your registrered e-mail right after you confirm your booking.  When you get your confirmation, it means your booking is received and you can leave your luggage at your hotel.
Airluggage will contact you, if there is any issues or questions regarding your booking.  You will receive a message on your e-mail and phone, when we pick up your luggage from your hotel and again when it has arrived in Copenhagen Airport.

“How do you manage all your customers luggage?”

Your luggage will get a label attached with all your booking details. This will be scanned during pick-up and again when it arrives at Copenhagen- Airport/Terminal 2. They will be notified in our track N trace system.

“Do you accept all sizes of bags?”

Yes, we accept the same sizes as your airline company.

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