Our Concept

Easy departure – whether you stay on a hotel, apartment or cruise ship

Cruise concept

Arriving at a unknown cruise terminal, can be stressful and unconvenient.
What to do with all your luggage, as you want to go out and experience a new city?
We offer a premium service at the Cruise terminals in Copenhagen – meeting you in person outside the terminal you arrive at, and collecting your luggage. We transport it safely to our safe storage in the middle of Copenhagen Airport or to your hotel. This gives you more time and freedom on your arrival day in Copenhagen.
All luggage will be name-tagged and tracked in our track n’ trace system.
All luggage will be insured by Airluggage.


Hotel Concept

Checking out of your hotel and leaving your luggage behind is actually not very convenient, as you have stay in the area of the hotel to come back and collect your luggage before heading to the airport.
Why not get it transported directly to the airport, so you can spend more time on sightseeing, shopping and going places you never thought was possible on departure day?
We want you to have fun on departure day – just leave your luggage at the hotel during check-out and we will collect it and make sure that it’s ready for you in the airport before heading to your flight.
It is so convenient for you to collect your luggage – as our storage is in the middle of the airport – right next to the check-in and security.

Apartment concept

Staying at a private-rented apartment gives you no opportunity to store your luggage. Avoid spending wasteful time on finding options to find storage solutions.
Use our Airbnb-service – and get your luggage collected directly from your apartment and go out and spend a hassle free day without your bags.
We will contact you 15 minutes before we arrive at your apartment and meet you in person. We take care of your luggage and stores it safely in our safe storage in the middle of the airport until you arrive before heading to your flight. All luggage will be name-tagged and tracked in our Track n’ trace system. You will receive messages by phone and e-mail when your luggage has arrived safely in the airport.
Collect your luggage in the middle of Copenhagen Airport, right next to check in and security.

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